More about the silk dress project

Hurray, there's some progress! I've assmebled the main part of the dress, although still didn't get to the sleeves. Read all about it in the original post! (The link goes straight to the new bit.)


More on fancy hems

I've updated my recent post on fancy hems with some ideas on what to do if you haven't got the genius adjustible hemmer foot, and how to start a rolled hem. Find it all in the original post!

Vintage patterns

Three magazines from 1930s

I got my hands on some 1930s patterns, finally! Some sewing, some knitting and lots and lots of embroidery, plus the obligatory slimming and getting-rid-of-the-beard ads, plus a very special way of rejuvenating your hair! The three magazines in question are: February 1936 "The Needlewoman", UK; and November 1937 and March 1938 "Mode und Wäsche",… Continue reading Three magazines from 1930s