The best stitch for blind hem

...is plain zig-zag. Why? Because it resembles manual blind hem most closely, and manual blind hem is, of course, the golden standard. Domestic sewing machines have come up with a variety of special blind hem stitches, from a wiggling attachment for straight stitch only machines, to fixed or programmable combinations of straight stitching or narrow… Continue reading The best stitch for blind hem

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Uneven stitching on Singer 66K – mystery solved

Here is the problem: uneven tension on my 1906 Singer 66K. Why? It goes up and down every 30 stitches or so. Weird. Annoying. Bah! 😀 But never fear - the mystery is finally solved, see updated original post. πŸ˜ƒ

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Hopping with a back-clamping Singer 66K

My Singer 66K has back-clamping foot fitting and I don't want to convert it to low shank. 🧐 Whaaaat? Why? Ah, that is a topic for another post. 🀬 Yeah, I heard you. 🀭 This 1906 Singer 66K was made within the first half a year of production of this model in Scotland, and it… Continue reading Hopping with a back-clamping Singer 66K

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The secret of Singer needles

No, it isn't top quality - that's no secret. 😁 Singer domestic sewing machine needles of type 15x1 (a.k.a. HAx1 or 130/705H) are actually different from needles of the same type made by other manufacturers, both needles of top quality and needles of "great value". Here they are - a Singer needle and a different… Continue reading The secret of Singer needles