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Zig-zag hooks link

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Horizontal oscillating hook · Horizontal rotary hook · Vertical oscillating hook · Vertical rotary hook · Zig-zag timing

Zig-zag hooks and their strengths and weaknesses

All zig-zag machines that I've got, are round bobbin. I know of one transverse shuttle zig-zag machine: it is by Seidel & Neumann, see Round bobbin hooks can be classified like this: rotary versus oscillating, vertical versus horizontal, side-facing versus front-facing. Rotary and oscillating hooks have very similar performance characteristics when the other two… Continue reading Zig-zag hooks and their strengths and weaknesses


Do I need another nice old sewing machine?

Need? Probably not. Want? Ah, now we are getting somewhere... ๐Ÿ˜‰ I currently have 12 lockstitch machines in active use, plus 3 overlockers, plus 1 little chain stitcher, plus 4 machines that need a little work to come into active duty. Do I really need another? No. My existing sewing crew covers almost all of… Continue reading Do I need another nice old sewing machine?

Tension adjustment

Tension adjustment for the unafraid

A lot of people are intimidated by the necessity to adjust thread tension on their sewing machine. Yet, as every sewing machine manual tells you, both bobbin and upper tension need to be checked and adjusted for every project, sometimes several times during the project, because these settings depend on many factors, such as the… Continue reading Tension adjustment for the unafraid