Wiring Sew-Tric

Sew-Tric motors are found on many sewing machines sold in Britain in 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. They are good quality conventional brushed electrical motors without electronic components, so they are heavy and they don't quit working to this day. But after some 70 years, they often could use a clean or perhaps a change of… Continue reading Wiring Sew-Tric


Quiz results and more sewing machines

The correct answer to the quiz is 22 or 23 machines. And no, not all of them are actually sewing! The closest answer was by Kerry - 24 machines. And here they are: 1 - Brothers Nothmann TS. 2 - Stoewer Serata VS2. 3 - Clemens Müller Veritas VS2. 4 - Singer 66K. 5 -… Continue reading Quiz results and more sewing machines