Anyone local to Southampton, UK?

Calling all sewing addicts: is there anyone reasonably local to Southampton (UK) who would be interested in a spot of sew-socialising? I know a couple of local people but we seem to have somewhat different interests. So just checking if there's anyone else? Looking for like-minded people interested in more complex projects, vintage patterns or… Continue reading Anyone local to Southampton, UK?

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A bustle and a cat

I know I promised to get on with my Shivering Isles dress and do those fancy sleeves, but life interfered again: in 11 days we are going Subaquatic! And that requires an outfit, obviously. Plus, I finally figured out what to do with my purple outfit featuring The Cat: I mean the cat on my… Continue reading A bustle and a cat

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Those fancy sleeves

Remarkable garment design pops up in most unexpected places, like fantasy worlds. Unexpected, because this tunic from Shivering Isles is perfectly wearable in this world too: Ok, ditch the bow, but look at those sleeves! Yum!! And by the way, here is a design from the latest Quail Studio collection for Rowan Yarns, 10 years… Continue reading Those fancy sleeves

Sewing machines

My evolving sewing crew – 4th edition

These machines are installed in my sewing room and are being used all the time. Each machine has its own unique set of functions which are needed in different situations, so although "all the time" does not mean 24/7, it still means that these machines are needed regularly and should be ready, willing and available… Continue reading My evolving sewing crew – 4th edition