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1980s is not antique!

This makes me laugh, cringe and feel insulted every time: "Antique sewing machine, belonged to my mum, bought in 1986!". Oh dear. I'd already finished school in 1986... Then if that machine is "antique", I must be "ancient" or possibly even "pre-historic" - definitely for those born after 1986! 😉 My dear millenials, we might… Continue reading 1980s is not antique!

Clemens Müller · Textima · Vertical rotary hook · Zig-zag mechanics

Textima Veritas 8014

A humble 1960s sewing machine from DDR... but why does it fetch £150 at auction? Textima VEB was created after WWII in East Germany by merging various local sewing machine manufacturers (largely stripped of all their machinery in post-war reparations). Notably, that included Clemens Müller and Naumann from Dresden and Singer from Wittenberge. Crême de… Continue reading Textima Veritas 8014