Presser bar

Lengths of presser bars

When considering a presser bar replacement, finding a new bar of exactly the right length may prove problematic. To help with the search, here is a list of presser bars I’ve encountered so far, with their lengths, as measured from the lower end of the foot mounting screw hole, and to the top.

  • 15.3cm: Frister+Rossmann 804, super high shank.
  • 17.2cm: New Home by Janome, series 500, high shank.
  • 17.9cm: probably Singer 28/128, low shank.
  • 18.9cm: 1905 Stoewer vibrating shuttle (“Harris’s”), low shank, based on Singer 28.
  • 19.0cm: New Home by Janome, series 600, low shank.
  • 19.9cm: 1901 Jones Spool, low shank.
  • 21.9cm: Singer 66K, low shank.


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