A pole and a hat

Among the bits that came with my 1950s Haid & Neu Primatic (a.k.a. Harris Automatic), there was a pole and a hat (well, how would you describe it?).

Whatever were these used for? The pole fits into the hole in the hat, and the screw fixes it in place, but to what end?

The suspense continued until the actual Haid & Neu Primatic arrived from Germany, complete with the manual, and another pole and hat. Full of hope and trembling in anticipation, I read the whole book, discovering all sorts of weird and wonderful things in the process, but there was no mention of either the pole or the hat. Was their usage so common and obvious at the time, that it was considered unnecessary to write about it?

And then I saw it, right there in Figure 1.

Clearly, it was both common and obvious, because they even had it in the advertisement.

And look – it is absolutely brilliant!

How could we ever survive without such a thing? Badly, that’s how. What I don’t understand, is why such a handy contraption disappeared from our sewing machines. Cost cutting, most likely. 😦


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