Sewing machines

The League of Excellent Solid Machines

I’ve been looking at these Frister & Rossmann machines for a while already, gorgeous, aren’t they?

They come as VS3 (vibrating shuttle 3/4 size) or central bobbin (based on Singer 15). They fetch a pretty penny too, quite understandably. So when I had a chance to get this 1954 beauty for a mere £32, postage and all, obviously I had to have it.

It’s a lovely machine, and it received impeccable care from its previous owner. It makes a beatiful stitch. An excellent example.

But… you feel the “but” coming, don’t you? 🙂 It’s a little noisy and a ted heavy going, just like the original Singer 15. Not in the same league as my Japanese Lion. Or rather: the Frister & Rossmann and Singer are in the same League of Excellent Solid Machines, whereas the Lion is in a league a few levels above that, the League of Heavenly Machines.

So as pretty as this Frister & Rossmann CB is, I’m not keeping it, because every time I need a CB machine, I’ll always use the Lion. I just know it.


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