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A pin cushion with instructions

I’ve never had a pin cushion with instructions before, especially not such a cute one!

This beauty just arrived directly from Japan – they haven’t got them in Europe yet, although this being from Clover, they probably will. But they’ll need to translate the instructions first into all those European languages, which is a job and a half!

Ok, this is not just a pin cushion (available on Amazon, by the way). The acorn is a needle polisher – it is filled with some special stuff that polishes off tarnishing from your needles, even when it feels rough to start with. Very handy!

I asked a Japanese girl to translate the instructions for me – I just had to know what it was all about! She had a very good laugh at it and said that in Japan you’ve got to have instructions for everything. These ones apparently say that you should stick your pins into the big cushion, sharp end first (always a good idea), and that you should hold the acorn firmly when polishing, and squeeze it from the flat sides for best results. And if after one go, the needle is not perfectly polished, you do it again… Who would have thought of that! 😉

She also told me that the Japanese word for “pin cushion” literally translates as “needle mouse”, so she wasn’t sure why a mouse should have an acorn in tow. 🙂 Then I said it was probably a hedge hog, and she exlaimed: “Oh, now I understand the title: Needle Mouse ‘Hedge Hog’!” 🙂


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