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Wiring Janome 3 and 4 flat pin connectors

Older Janome machines have a flat rectangular motor connector with three or four flat pins.

The connector box is the same for both, but the 3-pin version simply lacks one of the pins.

The lacking pin is earth – second from right on the motor socket. It is only required for motors and pedals with a metal body, or if you also needed to earth the lamp. Newer plastic bodies are already insulating the bits inside, so there is no danger of electrocution.

Here is how such a connector is wired, this is the top part:

Here we have a plastic-bodied pedal and a 3-pin connector with an empty position for the earth wire. Brown is live, blue is neutral.

Janome also had similarly looking connectors with round pins. I’ve never had one of those personally, so don’t know how they are wired, and it could be different! Best verify to be sure.

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9 thoughts on “Wiring Janome 3 and 4 flat pin connectors

  1. Thanks for this Elena. Although I haven’t (yet!) got a machine to try that out on, I think it’s a good idea (and a requirement of the wiring regulations) that there should be a label or marking on the switched live cable. Having blue for both neutral and switched live could cause confusion. I normally wrap a bit of red insulation tape round the switched live wire to highlight that it’s a “funny”.


    1. I always wonder what difference it makes for the circuit (I know what difference it will make to me, were I to touch the wires!). I mean, in Europe the mains connectors are symmetrical, so there is no way of knowing which way around you are feeding the current. Yet everything works. It’s the same voltage, so you can bring any appliance back and forth, use a plug converter or just replace the mains plug, and voilà – works just fine either way around.


  2. Agreed. Especially when, looking at the wiring again at a later date or when the machine is sold on. Wiring in reverse wouldn’t really make a difference on a simple appliance like a sewing machine, but it’s best to get it right regardless…


  3. Dear Elena
    Thanks for this informative article!
    You clearly know A LOT and I mean really new in the field, plus desperate as my 4 pin pedal gone missing. Is exactly like the one in the picture. Any chance you could redirect me to a reseller? Thanks for the bottom of my heart


      1. Dear Elena,
        I just got in touch with Helen quoting your website. Finger cross that she may have one ! Kindest, Alessandra


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