Haid & Neu

Manual for Haid & Neu Primatic

I have uploaded a German manual for Haid & Neu Primatic to the downloads area. See Menu -> Downloads. 🙂

Please note: it is a high resolution scan of a 70 page manual, so the file is 97MB.

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3 thoughts on “Manual for Haid & Neu Primatic

  1. Regarding the Haid & Neu Primatic manual, I canceled the download of it, as it was still downloading after having downloaded 56.2 MB. That seemed like way to large of a document why is its file so large?


    1. The file is 97MB. It is a scan of a 70 page booklet. I had to keep the resolution high in order to keep it readable – it’s small print!


      1. HI Elena,

        Thank you for the quick response. When a download is that large, I tend to get a bit suspicious, but now I can see that my suspicion was unfounded.


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