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The wolf is back with his family

It’s been almost a week and our new addition Alfie the husky has returned to his original family. He is a lovely dog, but the lack of training overwhelmed us. Alfie is big – the size of a German Shepherd because he’s a cross with Alaskan Malamute which is a giant dog.

So when a dog this size pulls on the lead, you have no choice but to follow. But we could deal with that. The problem was that he wouldn’t let us sleep, in particular Scott. Alfie decided that Scott was his man and leader, and so Alfie demanded attention literally 24 hours a day. As soon as Scott puts his head on a pillow, he gets a friendly snout in his face and a paw afterwards, followed by “Let’s go for a walk!” howl. Not great at 1:30am. And then at 2am. And so on through the night. To be continued all day long. How does the dog manage, I don’t know but we certainly can’t.

So we took him back, and guess what – the children were missing him so much! And he was missing the children. Yes, he was stuck in a house all day with them but he was playing with kids all day, which is probably why he is still behaving like a puppy. And apparently he never kept them awake before. I think may be our household was too quiet for Alfie – he was getting more and more restless instead of getting settled in.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but in the end we figured that he was most likely going to remain too much to handle for us even with professional training, assuming we survived that long. πŸ˜‰ And so it was better to return him sooner rather than later – less confusing for the dog, and for everyone else as well. I think the family appreciates him even more now that they’ve missed him for a week. And we appreciate being able to sleep at night! πŸ˜€

A rare moment: Alfie is actually asleep! For about 15 minutes.

14 thoughts on “The wolf is back with his family

  1. We were considering a malamute rescue – full grown – but for many of the same reasons you mention we decided he was not for us. From a puppy has always been our policy with dogs, and while not popular in some ways as there are many good dogs needing homes, we feel like it is the best for us. We do love our mutts!


    1. From a puppy is probably what we’ll do after this. This dog was lovely – a malamute cross with a husky, so not so huge and not so stubborn. But the lack of training made him overwhelming, mostly because he never grew up mentally and was basically a 4.5 year old puppy! He’s gone back to being a puppy with four kids in his old family.

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  2. Hi Elena, I grew up with Malamute dogs that weighed in the range of 155 pounds. The second one was dangerously mean and the tremendous size coupled with the incredible bite strength was not good as he bit a teenage boy. That dog went to a ranch and was not euthanized but possibly it should have been due to the danger. We have a puppy here to make our 5th dog as of 6th of July. Three puppies in the cement canal rescued. One given to mother dog, one to a worker, one we kept. He is a handful but luckily integrating well. So…we now have 5 dogs, 1 cat, 3 ducks, 12 rabbits (just had 6 babies the other day), and down to 9 chickens. We sure enjoy your well researched, smart, and thought out posts on sewing. You made the right choice on the “snow dog” as our triplets call them. Best regards, Mike


    1. Thanks, Mike! Ours was a malamute cross with husky, so not quite so huge. Good tempered, but a 4.5 year old puppy is overwhelming! Our two cats are sure glad the “wolf” is gone! πŸ˜‰ Although he was not chasing them as prey, but was curious and wanted to play. It would have worked with the cats, given time. I am so looking forward to getting back to sewing – I have set up the sewing room as a safe haven for the cats with a blocked entrance so that the dog could not enter but the cats could still come and go. That’s where the difference in size is so helpful! But now things are getting back to normal and I can actually get to the sewing machines! πŸ˜€


  3. oops big typo…meant to say 3rd of January (fire crackers on New Years)….sorry for the typo. The fire crackers were what drove the puppies into this cement ditch/canal.


  4. I’m sorry about the mismatch, that would have been a hard decision but you made the right choice. Not every dog is for every household and vice versa. I’m glad to hear he is happy in his new (old?) home.


    1. Yes, he’s back to his old home and I think he really needs those kids to play with. We will have a good rest first and then probably get a puppy, so we could train it and actually let it grow up mentally. Or may be we’ll get an older dog, if any of the local shelters get one. You never know.

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  5. What a pity, but best for you all. Very hard to take on an untrained dog, but kudos to you – you tried with a huge one, which I think is even harder. Hope it hasn’t put you off! Sweet dreams!!!!


    1. He is a lovely dog though! Not huge, just big – he’s a cross with a husky. My uncle used to have a German Shepherd, and my grandparents had a mutt of the same size. But what a difference! Those dogs were trained and were so easy to be with, but Alfie was overwhelming. Although I think he would have made a great dog with training, but we couldn’t deal with him until he was ready. The children were so happy to have him back though (four children!) and he was glad to be a puppy again. Mum resigned to accept it, I think. πŸ™‚ He was helping with the kids, after all.


      1. LOL! Mum, mum, mum . . . oooh puppy home! I can understand that and I only had the two! Certainly can imagine the scenario with more children in the mix! I’d love a rough collie – my grandfather had one, his mother had a pomeranian. Had cocker spaniels when I was a child but hey ho allergic and hello asthma! So they had to be given away. Cats I’m fine with and birds. Rabbit hair makes my eyes poooofff out and go red, so no more bunnies. But been exposed to so many friends dogs that I consider myself immune – or just grown out of it – I needz a dog, a cat, a budgie, a few alpacas, some sheep . . . then I can get my own batting made! LOL! I dream a lot!


      2. We are both lucky not to be allergic to any animals, so that makes things easier. But no plans for sheep or alpacas here! πŸ˜‰


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