Hengstenberg · Shuttle · Whittler transverse vibrating shuttle

Correction on the Hengstenberg/Anker shuttle

In today’s post I originally wrote that the shuttle of my Hengstenberg/Anker machine worked in the opposite way to all other shuttles that I know – that loosening the tension screw increases thread tension instead of decreasing it. The screw in my shuttle is permanently jammed all the way in, and this conclusion was based on the way the shuttle worked in my machine – this was what I observed.

However, the spring in my machine was also seriously deformed. I received an email from Paul telling me that his machines worked as expected, not contrary to the rest of the shuttles. So I corrected my post to reflect this – including the mention that evidently the shape of the tip of the spring can change the way the spring responds to the pressure.

Big thanks to Paul for pointing it out!

If you read the post now, you’ll see the corrected version.

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