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1980s is not antique!

This makes me laugh, cringe and feel insulted every time: “Antique sewing machine, belonged to my mum, bought in 1986!”.

Oh dear. I’d already finished school in 1986… Then if that machine is “antique”, I must be “ancient” or possibly even “pre-historic” – definitely for those born after 1986! 😉

My dear millenials, we might seem antique to you, but please remember that something is only antique, if it is at least 100 years old. That is, from before 1920 – anything from after that is not antique! In particular, World War II did not take place in antiquity, and 1960s mini-skirts are not antique either. Previous century, yes, but not antique.

So there, that told them! 😀

9 thoughts on “1980s is not antique!

  1. In Sweden, something that is more than 50 years old is considered semi-antique. I’m afraid it applies to me…


    1. Me too… 😮 Here we call it “vintage”, meaning roughly older than 25-30 years. So 1990s are now “vintage” which feels more than weird to me!


  2. That made me laugh and cringe, since my main machine is a 1980s Bernina. I also have a ‘family’ of legit antique Singers, and oh my, there is a massive difference. I have trouble even using the word ‘vintage’ with my Bernina, although admittedly it is, according to its age.


  3. Oh dear – yes! So my son is now vintage, having been born in 1990 and I’m positively antique being a 50s bod. That is so funny!


  4. I don’t know where you all hail from, but I’m positively sick of California antique shops labeling ‘He-Man’
    & ‘She-Ra’ toys as ‘antiques.’ I can barely see such cartoon figurines as ‘The Noid’ or even ‘The Tick’ (’90’s) as ‘vintage’ items. Give me a flippin’ break…


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