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Taking a break from sewing

Hello to all of you sewing enthusiasts! I have been away from this blog for a while because I have not been sewing for a time either. Blame the global events of the last year for that… you know what I mean!

Some of you have written to me – I thank you all for your attention! Just to reassure you – I am well enough. It is rather that not being able to go anywhere or participate in any events has rather dampened my interest in creating things. And no, sitting in a restaurant behind shields and seeing mask-wearing people around me, is not a solution. It is much worse than not going anywhere at all.

My way of dealing with this has been to move my existence onto the plane of imagination. I have been reading fantasy books and playing fantasy games, and finally started writing down some of my own fantasy stories that have been playing out in my head for years as I read the books and play the games. For those of you who like Elder Scrolls fan fiction, they are at Masser and Secunda. For those of you, who have no idea what I’m talking about, Elder Scrolls is a video game universe by Bethesda Studios. The stories I write are set in that world. I do it because I enjoy the escape.

I shall be back to sewing eventually, then I shall continue this blog.

On a more practical note, I recently noticed that some of the photos have disappeared from older posts. I have tracked it down to a glitch with resizing. I have to re-upload and re-insert them, so this is a lot of work. It will take a while to fix.

In the meantime, keep well, in whichever way works for you.

16 thoughts on “Taking a break from sewing

  1. So wonderful to hear from you, I am glad that you are well. Everything has its time, fantasy is a lovely refuge. The sewing machines will be there when you return.

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  2. Glad to hear from you! And Elder Scrolls games are a part of my youth and I loved playing the game. Hope to read your stories someday & and see you back doing your magic with sewing machines.

    Warm regards,
    The Netherlands


    1. Hello Roger! I play Oblivion and Skyrim – they are not that old. 😉 My stories are at, or visit us at 😁


  3. Hi Elena, very glad to have some news ! From time to time I looked on your blog and was curious about the lack of activity. I must say that I learnt a lot of things in your blog.
    Actually, I spent this last year in my basement refurbishing old sewing machines, it was something new in my usual field of activities. (Photography, music, airplane modelling, sports…). Last February I joined a sewing course in a fabric shop, so I struggle with shirts, pants, and several repairs asked by the family. ( Silk is a nightmare….)
    Enjoy your new activities, stay well, this nightmare can give the oportunity to make new experiences. But I hope you will come back in your “without covid normal life”
    Cheers, Sylvain, from France, retired.
    P.S : in a moment of life’s trouble, I enjoyed the saga of “Dune” by Frank Herbert.


  4. Glad all is well! Have to say I’ve not been motivated for anything much, even the veggies with a bad season last year doubled my meh! But new sewing room almost ready to move into, frustrating building works etc have been a pain. No kitchen yet – so all contents in current sewing room. Can’t reach fabrics! But light at the end of the tunnel and the mojo is returning.
    Lovely to hear you are being creative in a different way – it is still constructive and a change is as good as a rest. Writing is still an art and imagination is able to run riot. Enjoy xx


    1. Good to have you back, Kerry! I am still not sewing… The cats have completely taken over the sewing room. But may be one of these days I’ll bring in the hoover and clear all that fur from everything! There’s enough for an extra cat, I’m sure.


      1. Oh gosh we have two now and the fur, the fur! I know what you mean! My husband has a new hoover toy. I think it is awful – doesn’t pick up things, but not complaining about him going around with it. I never realised he could tell one end from the other! LOL!


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