Hello! You’ve found my blog. 🙂

I am Elena, a couture tailor, so everything has got to be tip-top and no cutting corners, please. I start from an idea, a dream, a picture, adjust the style for the wearer, choose the fabric, draft the pattern (for the wearer and the fabric), cut, sew, press, embroider, until the garment is done. I like sewing everyday clothes and making them special.

I am also a self-confessed “shade tree” sewing machine mechanic. It’s like those folks that like tinkering with vintage cars or motorcycles, but for sewing machines. Mechanical ones, obviously. I’m not one for messing about with electronics.

Mechanical things may be complex in design, but still everything is there, a shaft connects to a gear that drives a joint that ultimately makes the needle go up and down. Any fault will also always be there, in plain view. It’s only a matter of paying attention.

My goal with any sewing machine is not only to make it work, but to make it work in today’s world, with today’s materials, needles and attachments. I am no collector, I do not necessarily preserve original features, but convert to modern ways where required. Sewing machines are machines, they are meant to work, not sit in a museum.

This blog is a collection of ideas on making clothes and fixing sewing machines. I’m sure there will be plenty of other ways of doing the same thing, but this has worked for me, and is offered in the hope that it might be useful to you too.