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Sewing without fitting – ramblings with pictures

I hardly ever do any fitting, yet my garments fit the first time, whether I sew for myself or for others. This is not because I am so exceptionally talented – I am not. This comes with the pattern drafting method that I practice. I studied bespoke pattern drafting and couture tailoring in the Netherlands,…… Continue reading Sewing without fitting – ramblings with pictures

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The Mad Hatter – Vigorelli Fantasy

If you thought that Necchi’s Supernova was mad with its stackable cams and four pattern modifiying knobs with virtually infinite design variations, then you haven’t seen Vigorelli Fantasy. Bigger stackable cams that combine several patterns, seven pattern modifying knobs and levers, and a feed mechanism not only moving back and forth, but also sideways giving…… Continue reading The Mad Hatter – Vigorelli Fantasy

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Memory Craft 6000 stitch library

Janome’s Memory Craft 6000 is the only electronically controlled machine in my collection – I usually shun them as I cannot repair electronics. But this one has a reputation of being relatively indestructible, so I made an exception. 🙂 Made in 1986, it has fairly modern reliable electronics, but no fancy graphical parts and no…… Continue reading Memory Craft 6000 stitch library