Extreme sewing

There! Your tail is all fixed! 🙃


My sewing space

By popular request, here is how my sewing space is organised. My "sewing room" is really a bay window space of our living room / kitchen combo. My main sewing table is the left triangular surface with the green machine sunk into the table. Here is a close-up of that space showing the hole: That… Continue reading My sewing space

Vintage patterns

Three magazines from 1930s

I got my hands on some 1930s patterns, finally! Some sewing, some knitting and lots and lots of embroidery, plus the obligatory slimming and getting-rid-of-the-beard ads, plus a very special way of rejuvenating your hair! The three magazines in question are: February 1936 "The Needlewoman", UK; and November 1937 and March 1938 "Mode und Wäsche",… Continue reading Three magazines from 1930s

Attachments · Overlock

Overlock for sewing machines

Not a mock-overlock stitch and not a zig-zag, this attachment makes a proper overlock stitch with two additional threads, incorporating a real sewn stitch into it. Rubylock overlock attachment really allows you to sew and overlock in one operation, and it works even on old straight stitch machines. Ruby is trade mark of Toyo Seiki… Continue reading Overlock for sewing machines


Anyone local to Southampton, UK?

Calling all sewing addicts: is there anyone reasonably local to Southampton (UK) who would be interested in a spot of sew-socialising? I know a couple of local people but we seem to have somewhat different interests. So just checking if there's anyone else? Looking for like-minded people interested in more complex projects, vintage patterns or… Continue reading Anyone local to Southampton, UK?