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Stitches that stretch with your jersey

Snap… snap-snap-snap! There go your stitches if you’ve sewn your jersey top with a regular straight stitch on your sewing machine. 😦 Surely, there must be a better way! Yes, there are in fact several. In this post I’m investigating which stitches stretch with the jersey and which don’t, using regular sewing thread, not lycra…… Continue reading Stitches that stretch with your jersey

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New inventions!

I have new inventions to report! Wow, I’m so excited!! Well, to be fair, they are not brand new inventions of mine, but rather adaptations of my existing sewing machines to do new things. Still exciting though! Skip to Chain stitch on a vertical oscillator Skip to New double needle double step stitch The chain…… Continue reading New inventions!

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Size matters: machine size, arm length and harp space

Not all machines are born equal, in particular not when it comes to harp space, or the opening under the arm of the machine.​ Large projects like quilts, soft furnishings or coats can become very cumbersome if your machine’s harp space is too small. Just try stuffing a long imitation bear fur coat under the…… Continue reading Size matters: machine size, arm length and harp space


No oiling required – myth or fiction?

Because it certainly isn’t the truth. If your vintage machine has moving parts, it will need oiling. And if it doesn’t have moving parts, it is probably not a sewing machine. 🙂 “Permanent” lubrication Brand new machines don’t always need oiling in every joint for at least a few years. These types of lubrication are…… Continue reading No oiling required – myth or fiction?