The bane of the Supernova

I am done with the Supernova. Necchi might be a goddess among sewing machines, but for me her allure has all but faded. And here is why. Faulty transformer This seems to be a common weak spot in Supernovas: the transformer. The machines were sold all over the world, so instead of supplying a different… Continue reading The bane of the Supernova

Adler · Bobbins

3D printed bobbins jamming in the heat

Is it too hot to be sewing? The temperature is 30C (86F) - we're having a heat wave. My new 3D printed bobbins for Adler 87 suddenly started jamming. My old plastic bobbins for computerised Pfaff 7510 are also suddenly jamming! I blame the heat which makes the plastic expand. With Pfaff and other machines… Continue reading 3D printed bobbins jamming in the heat

Feet · Overcasting

False French seams for fine fabrics

Ah, summer! Hot weather means ice cream, lightweight fabrics and frequent washes. In sewing terms it means that the seams must be strong enough not to unravel in all those washes, which is easier said than done because lightweight fabrics are often loosely woven too, so they fray and disintegrate easily. But we don't want… Continue reading False French seams for fine fabrics

Jersey · Multi-needle · Needles · Singer

Sewing fine jersey with a twin needle

The finest jersey doesn't do well on a regular sewing machine - you can never get a flexible enough stitch that doesn't go pop when the jersey stretches in wear. For this reason I normally use one of my long bobbin machines to sew it, and with great success. To me, this is the only… Continue reading Sewing fine jersey with a twin needle