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Singer 66K – another homecoming

I’ve already had one of these – a Singer 66K with Lotus decals (although I think they are thistles really). But I sold it in a misguided attempt to reduce the number of machines in my sewing corner. Have been missing it ever since, so had to get a replacement. 🙂 But I promise to…… Continue reading Singer 66K – another homecoming

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Singer drop-in bobbin – the two horizontal hooks

After the “standard domestic” vertical oscillator from Singer 15, the drop-in bobbin horizontal hook is perhaps the next most common concept in domestic sewing machines. Originally introduced in Singer 66 in 1902 as an oscillating hook, it evolved into a rotary version in model 201 that appeared in 1935. Both hooks are found in many…… Continue reading Singer drop-in bobbin – the two horizontal hooks