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Singer 66K – another homecoming

I've already had one of these - a Singer 66K with Lotus decals (although I think they are thistles really). But I sold it in a misguided attempt to reduce the number of machines in my sewing corner. Have been missing it ever since, so had to get a replacement. 🙂 But I promise to… Continue reading Singer 66K – another homecoming

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Live long and prosper, Overlocker

"Always buy quality" is an excellent rule, if you have the money for it. But sometimes you just have to make do with what you can afford, and buy a cheap overlocker instead of a durable one. Dan just shared his experience with an inexpensive overlocker Brother 1034D which he bought second hand - in… Continue reading Live long and prosper, Overlocker

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The Hengstenberg/Anker Wittler – a transverse vibrating shuttle

It happened again - I rescued another poor soul. Start here First impressions 189? The ships The head The feed The mechanism compared to Singer 12 The first transformation 2 February 2018 Despite the looks, it is a rather special old dear: a Hengstenberg/Anker transverse vibrating shuttle known as the Wittler mechanism (no, I've never… Continue reading The Hengstenberg/Anker Wittler – a transverse vibrating shuttle

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Thou shalt polish thy shuttle

And this applies to every type of sewing machine, modern or vintage! After last week's troubles with twisted thread, normality returned for a while when I switched to cotton. However, I soon ran out of that, and was back with this: ​Thread pulls. Ugh! This conundrum kept bothering me because come to think of it,… Continue reading Thou shalt polish thy shuttle


No oiling required – myth or fiction?

Because it certainly isn't the truth. If your vintage machine has moving parts, it will need oiling. And if it doesn't have moving parts, it is probably not a sewing machine. 🙂 "Permanent" lubrication Brand new machines don't always need oiling in every joint for at least a few years. These types of lubrication are… Continue reading No oiling required – myth or fiction?