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Pfaff 230 Automatic

This is one of the great classics from 1955: Pfaff 230 Automatic, not to be confused with Pfaff 230 that didn't have any fancy stitches. This machine has signature Pfaff forward-facing vertical rotary hook with internal belt transmission. Zig-zag is done with a swing needle mechanism and all the fancy stuff is in the arm.… Continue reading Pfaff 230 Automatic

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Uneven stitching on Singer 66K – mystery solved

Here is the problem: uneven tension on my 1906 Singer 66K. Why? It goes up and down every 30 stitches or so. Weird. Annoying. Bah! 😤 But never fear - the mystery is finally solved, see updated original post. 😃

Tension adjustment

Tension adjustment for the unafraid

A lot of people are intimidated by the necessity to adjust thread tension on their sewing machine. Yet, as every sewing machine manual tells you, both bobbin and upper tension need to be checked and adjusted for every project, sometimes several times during the project, because these settings depend on many factors, such as the… Continue reading Tension adjustment for the unafraid