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Favta Automatic, or was it all worth it?

This is a lovely little machine that is only slightly larger than the Featherweight, but it doesn't just do straight stitch but also zig-zag and fancy stitches with cams, it's got a good free arm and a large working table. Fantastic! This was a really expensive little thing too - I found a receipt in… Continue reading Favta Automatic, or was it all worth it?

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Wiring Necchi Supernova

Necchi Supernova machines have an electrical block regulating the current to the motor and the lamp. Necchi Supernova Julia has a somewhat different block, see Dan's post. Here is the underbelly of a 1955 Necchi Supernova flat bed with the electrical block at its right end. This is the European version of the "First Edition", i.e.… Continue reading Wiring Necchi Supernova

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Wiring Janome 3 and 4 flat pin connectors

Older Janome machines have a flat rectangular motor connector with three or four flat pins. The connector box is the same for both, but the 3-pin version simply lacks one of the pins. The lacking pin is earth - second from right on the motor socket. It is only required for motors and pedals with… Continue reading Wiring Janome 3 and 4 flat pin connectors