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Those gears need work!

And what is more stitch-intensive than quilting? The project I am making a quilted bag for my AEG 760 overlocker - and it's a cube! 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. I decided to quilt all panels individually and then sew them together with flat seams: the batting will always remain in single layer but the… Continue reading Those gears need work!

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The D9 and its incarnations

Wheeler & Wilson' D9 was a very successful rotary machine - and was reproduced and modified by many manufacturers. Wheeler & Wilson themselves produced many versions of this machine and kept improving various aspects of it as time went on. In 1905 Singer took over Wheeler & Wilson and in turn produced some D9-based machines… Continue reading The D9 and its incarnations

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Singer 66K – another homecoming

I've already had one of these - a Singer 66K with Lotus decals (although I think they are thistles really). But I sold it in a misguided attempt to reduce the number of machines in my sewing corner. Have been missing it ever since, so had to get a replacement. 🙂 But I promise to… Continue reading Singer 66K – another homecoming

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It’s all in the head

The ability to form stitches is pretty essential to any sewing machine. 🙂 And most machines fare just fine with "easy" fabrics like cotton poplin, but sewing satin, chiffon or organza is a different matter entirely. The ability to sew slippery fabric depends on the feed mechanism, needle movement and needle point type. Problems arise… Continue reading It’s all in the head

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The ultimate transverse shuttle machine – Singer 48K

This has to be one of my favourite straight stitchers - the Singer 48K. The machine came to me in a very well cared for condition. Much used, much loved, well maintained. It was obviously in use until recently - the oil didn't have the time to thicken yet. I was pleased, of course, but… Continue reading The ultimate transverse shuttle machine – Singer 48K