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The Supernova

Necchi went Supernova in 1955 - there was a big bang but the world survived. 🙂 It says lifetime guarantee on that ad, I wonder if I can pop my Supernova to a local Necchi dealer for a free repair? The balance wheel clutch is still stuck. Hello! ​​ This is my Necchi Supernova Automatica… Continue reading The Supernova

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Why I don’t keep post-1975 machines

Short answer: I cannot afford new machines of quality that I require, and I cannot afford to waste money on machines within my budget. The quality requirement This is first of all solid mechanical construction with all hardened steel parts. Cast alluminium may also be used on parts that are not load bearing, such as… Continue reading Why I don’t keep post-1975 machines

Crew · Sewing machines

My evolving sewing crew – 3rd edition

​​ These machines are installed in my sewing room and are being used all the time. Each machine has its own unique set of functions which are needed in different situations, so although "all the time" does not mean 24/7, it still means that these machines are needed regularly and should be ready, willing and… Continue reading My evolving sewing crew – 3rd edition