My sewing space

By popular request, here is how my sewing space is organised. My "sewing room" is really a bay window space of our living room / kitchen combo. My main sewing table is the left triangular surface with the green machine sunk into the table. Here is a close-up of that space showing the hole: That… Continue reading My sewing space


A table for the free arm

Finally, someone made a table for a free arm machine! Well, it is not a new table. It's a 1960s Husqvarna table designed for their free arm Vikings. As you can see, it's been well used and needs revarnishing - but we are not doing it in this 30C heat. 🙂 The table is collapsible… Continue reading A table for the free arm

Clemens Müller · Crew · Hengstenberg · Jones · Singer · Stoewer · Transverse shuttle · Vibrating shuttle · Whittler

My secret weapon

I have four long bobbin machines, five if you count the little one too. Three are vibrating shuttle machines, one is a cylindrical transverse shuttle - all four "medium" tailors' machines. The fifth one is a Wittler hybrid - a transverse vibrating shuttle. These five machines between them not only can sew any fabric under… Continue reading My secret weapon

Crew · Sewing machines

My evolving sewing crew – 3rd edition

​​ These machines are installed in my sewing room and are being used all the time. Each machine has its own unique set of functions which are needed in different situations, so although "all the time" does not mean 24/7, it still means that these machines are needed regularly and should be ready, willing and… Continue reading My evolving sewing crew – 3rd edition