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Reviving a transverse shuttle machine

I recently got bitten by the transverse shuttle bug. 😲 So I had to clean and revive a few TS machines. They all wake up from their slumber, but you need to tickle the right spots. 😉 I am generally a lazy person. I don't like to clean things for the sake of them looking… Continue reading Reviving a transverse shuttle machine

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The Hengstenberg/Anker Wittler – a transverse vibrating shuttle

It happened again - I rescued another poor soul. Start here First impressions 189? The ships The head The feed The mechanism compared to Singer 12 The first transformation 2 February 2018 Despite the looks, it is a rather special old dear: a Hengstenberg/Anker transverse vibrating shuttle known as the Wittler mechanism (no, I've never… Continue reading The Hengstenberg/Anker Wittler – a transverse vibrating shuttle