Frister & Rossmann · Singer · Transverse shuttle

The ultimate transverse shuttle machine – Singer 48K

This has to be one of my favourite straight stitchers - the Singer 48K. The machine came to me in a very well cared for condition. Much used, much loved, well maintained. It was obviously in use until recently - the oil didn't have the time to thicken yet. I was pleased, of course, but… Continue reading The ultimate transverse shuttle machine – Singer 48K

Frister & Rossmann · Transverse shuttle

Some people…

Why would you take a pretty and fully functioning old sewing machine, damage its case and remove its shuttle? Greed. You'd hope to sell the shuttle and bobbins separately from the machine, expecting to double your profits. Triple even, if you sell the bobbins separately from the shuttle. Then you'll sell the machine with its… Continue reading Some people…

Frister & Rossmann · Vertical oscillating hook

The League of Excellent Solid Machines

I've been looking at these Frister & Rossmann machines for a while already, gorgeous, aren't they? ​ They come as VS3 (vibrating shuttle 3/4 size) or central bobbin (based on Singer 15). They fetch a pretty penny too, quite understandably. So when I had a chance to get this 1954 beauty for a mere £32,… Continue reading The League of Excellent Solid Machines