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Fixing up New Home 551

Janome's New Home 551 is one of those machines that you think you can easily do without, only to discover that nope, you can't. Which is why, having sold my previous one because it was "surplus to requirements", I had to chase for a replacement because it left a gaping hole in those requirements... This… Continue reading Fixing up New Home 551

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Woolly knits – knit, crochet, sew

The weather suddenly turned cold which prompted me to finally sew together two knitted dresses. Officially, they need to be washed before wear to smooth out the yarn, but I need them tomorrow and the day after, so no time for washing... So much for leaving things till the last moment! 😜 The blue dress… Continue reading Woolly knits – knit, crochet, sew

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Wiring Janome 3 and 4 flat pin connectors

Older Janome machines have a flat rectangular motor connector with three or four flat pins. The connector box is the same for both, but the 3-pin version simply lacks one of the pins. The lacking pin is earth - second from right on the motor socket. It is only required for motors and pedals with… Continue reading Wiring Janome 3 and 4 flat pin connectors

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Memory Craft 6000 stitch library

Janome's Memory Craft 6000 is the only electronically controlled machine in my collection - I usually shun them as I cannot repair electronics. But this one has a reputation of being relatively indestructible, so I made an exception. 🙂 Made in 1986, it has fairly modern reliable electronics, but no fancy graphical parts and no… Continue reading Memory Craft 6000 stitch library

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Janome’s fancy stitches: New Home 551

I always find Janome's designs to be very sensible. They may not have been the fanciest machines of their time, but they were always so very useful. Janome New Home 551 is such a machine. It has 14 built-in stitch patterns, independent zig-zag and stretch stitch, and a three-step buttonhole. To select patterns, first set… Continue reading Janome’s fancy stitches: New Home 551

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Silk dupion, fancy stitches and fancy feet

Here's a chance to use those fancy stitches on a grown-up garment! And try an array of fancy feet in the process. The challenges of silk dupion Stop to fraying with fancy stitches Getting even fancier with lurex shading Parallel stitching with a big clear foot Double thread stitch and twin needle sewing Stitch in… Continue reading Silk dupion, fancy stitches and fancy feet