Mason · Needle bar drive

Inside Defender’s head

I've been cleaning up my latest acquisition - A.G. Mason's Defender, a vibrating shuttle machine very similar to White. These machines have a removable head that contains all the fixtures - the presser and needle bars with their drives, and the tension assembly. I was unfamiliar with this design and was having trouble because the… Continue reading Inside Defender’s head

Comparisons and overviews · Jones · Mason · Vibrating shuttle · White

White, Mason, Jones

I have three machines of the White vibrating shuttle design. One is made by White (model VS2-b), one is by Jones (Medium CS) and one by A.G. Mason (Defender). They were all made some time between 1889 and 1911, they all have a long arm vibrating shuttle design, but other details vary. So how do… Continue reading White, Mason, Jones