The bane of the Supernova

I am done with the Supernova. Necchi might be a goddess among sewing machines, but for me her allure has all but faded. And here is why. Faulty transformer This seems to be a common weak spot in Supernovas: the transformer. The machines were sold all over the world, so instead of supplying a different… Continue reading The bane of the Supernova

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Those gears need work!

And what is more stitch-intensive than quilting? The project I am making a quilted bag for my AEG 760 overlocker - and it's a cube! 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. I decided to quilt all panels individually and then sew them together with flat seams: the batting will always remain in single layer but the… Continue reading Those gears need work!

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New inventions!

I have new inventions to report! Wow, I'm so excited!! Well, to be fair, they are not brand new inventions of mine, but rather adaptations of my existing sewing machines to do new things. Still exciting though! Skip to Chain stitch on a vertical oscillator Skip to New double needle double step stitch The chain… Continue reading New inventions!