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The Mad Hatter – Vigorelli Fantasy

If you thought that Necchi's Supernova was mad with its stackable cams and four pattern modifiying knobs with virtually infinite design variations, then you haven't seen Vigorelli Fantasy. Bigger stackable cams that combine several patterns, seven pattern modifying knobs and levers, and a feed mechanism not only moving back and forth, but also sideways giving… Continue reading The Mad Hatter – Vigorelli Fantasy

Micro Elite · Vertical rotary hook

It’s a girl!

I knew it - leaving sewing machines alone with the lights off is dodgy! ​Meet the latest addition: late 1950s Japanese Micro Elite. A very real lockstitch sewing machine, and not at all a toy - it will sew right through your finger like the big ones. It does straight stitch with reverse, is a… Continue reading It’s a girl!

Lada · Vertical rotary hook

My Little Tank – the T132 rotary free arm

I call it "My little tank" as a reference to Lt. Grüber's armoured car from "Allo! Allo!". Besides, it's grey. 🙂 This is a remarkable little sewing machine made by Lada* (est. 1919) in the Czech Republic around 1965. *Nothing to do with Russian cars of the same name. Lada was an old Goddess of… Continue reading My Little Tank – the T132 rotary free arm

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Timing and motor belts for a Lada T132

​ Last updated on 3 November 2018. Quite a few of us have a Lada T132 sewing machine also known under many badge names such as Cresta, Minerva, Sewmaster, etc. It is a very nice rotary free arm machine from late 1950s and 1960s. All steel parts except two belts: a timing belt connecting the… Continue reading Timing and motor belts for a Lada T132