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When it comes to dogs, bigger is definitely better. More umph. Better bite and firmer grip. Wider moul. Comes with bigger feet. ​ I am talking about sewing machine feed dogs. 🙂 The photo above shows three interchangeable feed dogs for vibrating shuttle machines - they all have the same mount but rather different teeth.… Continue reading Woof!

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Skipped stitches and their remedies

It's one of the most common problems in sewing: skipped stitches. But it can have many different causes and so may require different remedies. So let's take a closer look! Needle and thread Special needles Thread tension The right needle plate The right foot The right foot pressure Mechanical issues Needle and thread Of course… Continue reading Skipped stitches and their remedies

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New inventions!

I have new inventions to report! Wow, I'm so excited!! Well, to be fair, they are not brand new inventions of mine, but rather adaptations of my existing sewing machines to do new things. Still exciting though! Skip to Chain stitch on a vertical oscillator Skip to New double needle double step stitch The chain… Continue reading New inventions!

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Sewing jersey with chain stitch

Single thread chain stitch is the original knitted stitch, so it's perfect for sewing knitwear and jersey. In the world of knitting machines, chain stitchers are known as linkers. Skip to Essex chain stitchers Skip to Chain stitch on lockstitch machines Skip to Sewing examples Drooling alert Back in the world of sewing machines, there… Continue reading Sewing jersey with chain stitch