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Bobbins for Adler 87 – 3D printed

My main and most used machine is a 1930 Adler 87. It uses proprietary bobbins and old style needles, both impossible to find today, but it sews so well that it's worth while for me to address these issues. I still have a lot of needles for it (70+), so there is no pressing urgency… Continue reading Bobbins for Adler 87 – 3D printed

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Hengstenberg/Anker finally working!

It took a long time but my little Hengstenberg/Anker is finally working! The motor This was in February 2018 - over two years ago. I had cleaned her up and got her sewing with the original 12x1 needle, and attempted to fit a motor. The difficulty here was that not only does the Saxonia balance… Continue reading Hengstenberg/Anker finally working!


Common substitute needles for 12×1

Many old machines were built to use needles of type 12x1 or 13x1, but today these needles are no longer being made. Many people found various modern needle types that worked with their vintage machines, there is really no universal answer. I looked at selecting substitute needles in this post. Today I'd like to compare… Continue reading Common substitute needles for 12×1