487 vintage patterns – where do I begin?

I learned tailoring in early 1990s, and although this was close-fitting pattern construction (by M. Müller & Sohn, a.k.a. Rundschau after their journal), my teachers repeatedly said that it was no where nearly as detailed or close-fitting as, say, back in 1950s. The lines became straighter, the fit roomier, but most of all – the female figures became more…… Continue reading 487 vintage patterns – where do I begin?

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Stitches that stretch with your jersey

Snap… snap-snap-snap! There go your stitches if you’ve sewn your jersey top with a regular straight stitch on your sewing machine. 😦 Surely, there must be a better way! Yes, there are in fact several. In this post I’m investigating which stitches stretch with the jersey and which don’t, using regular sewing thread, not lycra…… Continue reading Stitches that stretch with your jersey

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Sewing nanotex jersey, or the vibrating shuttle supremacy

It’s the latest thing in textiles – the nanotex, or fabrics made of extremely fine fibres, finer than microfibre, hence the “nano” bit. The fabrics themselves can have a substantial body to them, the theory being that using multi-stranded extra fine fibres is closer to nature since this is what fine wool and silk are…… Continue reading Sewing nanotex jersey, or the vibrating shuttle supremacy

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Flip ‘n Stitch spiral quilt square

This is a brilliant project to give your sewing machine some exercise making a striking quited square with any type of material, not just prime cotton poplin. This is my problem with paper piecing: patchwork was invented as a way to use up fabric scraps, left-overs from other projects and decently preserved bits from discarded…… Continue reading Flip ‘n Stitch spiral quilt square