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Sewing without fitting – ramblings with pictures

I hardly ever do any fitting, yet my garments fit the first time, whether I sew for myself or for others. This is not because I am so exceptionally talented – I am not. This comes with the pattern drafting method that I practice. I studied bespoke pattern drafting and couture tailoring in the Netherlands,…… Continue reading Sewing without fitting – ramblings with pictures

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Janome’s fancy stitches: New Home 551

I always find Janome’s designs to be very sensible. They may not have been the fanciest machines of their time, but they were always so very useful. Janome New Home 551 is such a machine. It has 14 built-in stitch patterns, independent zig-zag and stretch stitch, and a three-step buttonhole. That independent zig-zag and stretch…… Continue reading Janome’s fancy stitches: New Home 551

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The Jaguar fancy stitches

The Jaguar sewing machines from 1970s had amazing fancy stitches. The machines were branded in Europe as Frister & Rossmann, and in America as Kenmore 158, see my recent post for more details. ​Having played with these machines for a while, I thought it would be useful to make an overview of all the different…… Continue reading The Jaguar fancy stitches

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The Jaguar

In 1970s, Japanese machines by Jaguar (Marutzen) were branded Sears Kenmore series 158 in America and Frister & Rossmann in Europe. They all have the same general architecture but vary in looks and features from model to model.​​​​​ The model and serial number are often hidden from direct view, but there is always a plaque…… Continue reading The Jaguar