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Failure and rescue – another dress from 1952

It just goes to show that not every vintage pattern turns into a beautiful dress. My first spell with the 1951/1952 collection from Praktikus Modenblatt worked out quite well, with hardly any alterations. And although I may not necessarily repeat all of those details in my next make, overall I was pleased with the result…… Continue reading Failure and rescue – another dress from 1952

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A dress from 1952

My first make from the 1951/1952 vintage pattern collection from the German Praktikus Modenblatt! After a lot of dithering, I’m doing it! No more procrastinating making alledgedly urgently needed jersey tops! No longer impersonating that donkey who starved facing two stacks of hay not being able to decide where to start eating! Huzzah! Fabric and…… Continue reading A dress from 1952

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A perfect buttonhole with manual control

There are many contraptions out there that help you make lovely buttonholes automatically. Many machines also have beautiful buttonholes programmed into them. And yet sometimes a manual buttonhole is called for, either because your machine hasn’t got one programmed, or you don’t like it for some reason, or you can’t use the special foot on…… Continue reading A perfect buttonhole with manual control