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How to line a knitted dress

A knitted dress is by its nature a stretchy garment that can quickly grow stretched out "bags" around the more protruding parts of your body. And if the dress is long, that includes your knees! A very effective solution to the problem is lining. If you wear a slip under the dress, the knitwear will… Continue reading How to line a knitted dress

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Fair Isle is not my thing

Too fiddly to knit. Takes too long. Mind- and finger-boggling all around. Enough reasons to do it. 😋 This Rowan jumper is now in its fifth if not sixth year - since starting. I finished the cabled bits quickly enough and then got entirely lost in the Fair Isle. I'd put it away for months,… Continue reading Fair Isle is not my thing

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Woolly knits – knit, crochet, sew

The weather suddenly turned cold which prompted me to finally sew together two knitted dresses. Officially, they need to be washed before wear to smooth out the yarn, but I need them tomorrow and the day after, so no time for washing... So much for leaving things till the last moment! 😜 The blue dress… Continue reading Woolly knits – knit, crochet, sew

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Sewing jersey with chain stitch

Single thread chain stitch is the original knitted stitch, so it's perfect for sewing knitwear and jersey. In the world of knitting machines, chain stitchers are known as linkers. Skip to Essex chain stitchers Skip to Chain stitch on lockstitch machines Skip to Sewing examples Drooling alert Back in the world of sewing machines, there… Continue reading Sewing jersey with chain stitch