Vintage patterns

A suit which is a dress – finished

My latest project that used up SIX pieces of fabric from the leftovers stash - it's finished! Read all about it in the updated original post. 🤩

Vintage patterns

A rerun in bits

It's cold and I want another winter dress. And I want to use left-overs from other projects and fabric from my stash - no shopping for this project! A girl has got to have a challenge. 😉 I am repeating the 1939 two-piece dress that I just made as a separate skirt and top (as intended), but… Continue reading A rerun in bits

Vintage patterns

Three magazines from 1930s

I got my hands on some 1930s patterns, finally! Some sewing, some knitting and lots and lots of embroidery, plus the obligatory slimming and getting-rid-of-the-beard ads, plus a very special way of rejuvenating your hair! The three magazines in question are: February 1936 "The Needlewoman", UK; and November 1937 and March 1938 "Mode und Wäsche",… Continue reading Three magazines from 1930s