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Sewing the finest jersey with Singer 48K

My Singer 48K is set up for sewing fine jersey - from single knit light weight to the finest lightest jersey available to buy these days. I already described in detail why this machine is so wonderful, but it has never been easy to find just the right combination of various parameters for that perfect… Continue reading Sewing the finest jersey with Singer 48K


Single knit viscose jersey

You are making a top out of single knit viscose jersey. How do you lay out the pieces for cutting? With the length of the fabric, of course! But it's better to lay them across the fabric instead. First, a word on jersey. Jersey is basically finely knitted fabric. It can be made of different… Continue reading Single knit viscose jersey

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Impossible pattern matching

It's quite impossible not only because it's an intricate pattern, but also because it's Chinese brocade - the world's most slinky and stubborn fabric. Plus, it's a mitred corner. And yet, here it is: And here is another one, on the grain: Can you see how it's done? Zig-zag. What? 😲 Yes, humble zig-zag. Put… Continue reading Impossible pattern matching

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Woolly knits – knit, crochet, sew

The weather suddenly turned cold which prompted me to finally sew together two knitted dresses. Officially, they need to be washed before wear to smooth out the yarn, but I need them tomorrow and the day after, so no time for washing... So much for leaving things till the last moment! 😜 The blue dress… Continue reading Woolly knits – knit, crochet, sew