Single knit viscose jersey

You are making a top out of single knit viscose jersey. How do you lay out the pieces for cutting? With the length of the fabric, of course! But it's better to lay them across the fabric instead. First, a word on jersey. Jersey is basically finely knitted fabric. It can be made of different… Continue reading Single knit viscose jersey

Knitwear · Wooly knits

How to line a knitted dress

A knitted dress is by its nature a stretchy garment that can quickly grow stretched out "bags" around the more protruding parts of your body. And if the dress is long, that includes your knees! A very effective solution to the problem is lining. If you wear a slip under the dress, the knitwear will… Continue reading How to line a knitted dress

Hems · Zig-zag stitch

The best stitch for blind hem plain zig-zag. Why? Because it resembles manual blind hem most closely, and manual blind hem is, of course, the golden standard. Domestic sewing machines have come up with a variety of special blind hem stitches, from a wiggling attachment for straight stitch only machines, to fixed or programmable combinations of straight stitching or narrow… Continue reading The best stitch for blind hem