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Living memory

During the latest clear-out at my mother's prompted by the imminent downsizing and having to move, she came across a stack of linens that she inherited from the clear-out of her late mother, some 20 years ago now. In that stack there were some old linen towels with faded embroidery, some fine but old lace… Continue reading Living memory

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Those gears need work!

And what is more stitch-intensive than quilting? The project I am making a quilted bag for my AEG 760 overlocker - and it's a cube! 30cm x 30cm x 30cm. I decided to quilt all panels individually and then sew them together with flat seams: the batting will always remain in single layer but the… Continue reading Those gears need work!

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Flip ‘n Stitch spiral quilt square

This is a brilliant project to give your sewing machine some exercise making a striking quited square with any type of material, not just prime cotton poplin. This is my problem with paper piecing: patchwork was invented as a way to use up fabric scraps, left-overs from other projects and decently preserved bits from discarded… Continue reading Flip ‘n Stitch spiral quilt square