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Those fancy sleeves

Remarkable garment design pops up in most unexpected places, like fantasy worlds. Unexpected, because this tunic from Shivering Isles is perfectly wearable in this world too: Ok, ditch the bow, but look at those sleeves! Yum!! And by the way, here is a design from the latest Quail Studio collection for Rowan Yarns, 10 years… Continue reading Those fancy sleeves


The battle of the Titans: zig-zag versus overlock

Oh! Let's open this Pandora's box... For two thirds of my sewing life I didn't have an overlocker - couldn't afford one, and was getting on just fine without it. Then I chanced upon a good deal, bought one and could not understand how on Earth I could live without one all those years... The… Continue reading The battle of the Titans: zig-zag versus overlock

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What to do with fancy stitches?

Your machine has loads of them but all you use is straight stitch and occasional zig-zag... Sounds familiar? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Obviously, fancy stitches are there for fancy work. Or are they? What is the difference between utility stitches and decorative stitches? Well, utility stitches are there to help with boring work like sewing a blind hem,… Continue reading What to do with fancy stitches?

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That elusive flexible stitch

Flexible stitch is necessary for sewing jersey so that it would stretch with the material. However, regular straight stitch of a lockstitch machine is usually not flexible. So what to do? Popular solutions include using elastic thread, sewing with narrow zig-zag instead of straight stitch or sewing with an overlocker. But what if you really… Continue reading That elusive flexible stitch

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The book that will change you forever

...or at least your sewing. One of my all-time favourite books on sewing technique and embroidery, no sewing machine required: โ€‹ The subtitle reads: "The creative guide for dressmakers and needlecrafters that takes your work to a new level." True! All true. This is a sewing guide where all the sewing is done by hand.… Continue reading The book that will change you forever