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The best stitch for blind hem

...is plain zig-zag. Why? Because it resembles manual blind hem most closely, and manual blind hem is, of course, the golden standard. Domestic sewing machines have come up with a variety of special blind hem stitches, from a wiggling attachment for straight stitch only machines, to fixed or programmable combinations of straight stitching or narrow… Continue reading The best stitch for blind hem

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Living memory

During the latest clear-out at my mother's prompted by the imminent downsizing and having to move, she came across a stack of linens that she inherited from the clear-out of her late mother, some 20 years ago now. In that stack there were some old linen towels with faded embroidery, some fine but old lace… Continue reading Living memory

Chinese brocade · Sewing technique · Zig-zag stitch

Impossible pattern matching

It's quite impossible not only because it's an intricate pattern, but also because it's Chinese brocade - the world's most slinky and stubborn fabric. Plus, it's a mitred corner. And yet, here it is: And here is another one, on the grain: Can you see how it's done? Zig-zag. What? 😲 Yes, humble zig-zag. Put… Continue reading Impossible pattern matching

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Couching wool with a sewing machine

Couching is an embroidery technique of sewing a cord onto canvas with a fine thread so that the cord appears to simply lie on the fabric, frozen in time. In sewing machine parlance it is often called "cording", and there's a cording foot to guide the cord while zig-zagging over it. But this is really… Continue reading Couching wool with a sewing machine