Double-stitched buttonholes

Sometimes regular buttonholes just don't cut it. I'm making a coat from a thick twill that is fairly loosely woven, so the zig-zag edges of the buttonholes must be at least 3mm wide to secure all the threads of the cloth properly. Plus, I want to use thick and glossy nylon thread because I use… Continue reading Double-stitched buttonholes

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Pfaff’s unsurpassed buttonholes

My Pfaff Creative makes unsurpassed buttonholes. It's a computerised machine, so of course she's got programs for several types of lovely buttonholes. But this is not unique and not particularly remarkable. The most remarkable bit is a simple mechanical aid that makes all the difference. The first thing you notice is of course the sliding… Continue reading Pfaff’s unsurpassed buttonholes

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Buttons and buttonholes with a transverse shuttle machine

Impossible! It doesn't do zig-zag. True. But possible. 😁 I made a pair of long-sleeved tops out of fine viscose jersey, so I used my Singer 48K to get that flexible stitch with 60% stretch. Now I need to make buttonholes in the cuffs. I'm fussy about the feel of my clothes, so I did… Continue reading Buttons and buttonholes with a transverse shuttle machine

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A perfect buttonhole with manual control

There are many contraptions out there that help you make lovely buttonholes automatically. Many machines also have beautiful buttonholes programmed into them. And yet sometimes a manual buttonhole is called for, either because your machine hasn't got one programmed, or you don't like it for some reason, or you can't use the special foot on… Continue reading A perfect buttonhole with manual control