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Fancy hem finishes

I've been playing with some options for hem finishes on several recent projects, and thought I'd put them together in one post. There are so many ways to make a hem - it's mind-boggling! And after you read this, you'll be thinking up even more! Stitched overlock hem I needed a way to finish several… Continue reading Fancy hem finishes

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What to do with fancy stitches?

Your machine has loads of them but all you use is straight stitch and occasional zig-zag... Sounds familiar? 😉 Obviously, fancy stitches are there for fancy work. Or are they? What is the difference between utility stitches and decorative stitches? Well, utility stitches are there to help with boring work like sewing a blind hem,… Continue reading What to do with fancy stitches?

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Silk dupion, fancy stitches and fancy feet

Here's a chance to use those fancy stitches on a grown-up garment! And try an array of fancy feet in the process. The challenges of silk dupion Stop to fraying with fancy stitches Getting even fancier with lurex shading Parallel stitching with a big clear foot Double thread stitch and twin needle sewing Stitch in… Continue reading Silk dupion, fancy stitches and fancy feet