Sewing my knitting patterns

Literally! I've been sewing pages into leaflets. I have quite a few knitting and crochet patterns (as well as other yarn and fabric related patterns, booklets and books), and I also subscribe The Knitter, but my flat still hasn't turned into a Tardis! This is the wall with pattern paraphernalia. But look at these labels:… Continue reading Sewing my knitting patterns


Buy me a coffee :-)

This blog and all its content is free for everyone, and it will remain so - I believe in sharing information freely. I sew, tinker with sewing machines and write this blog because I enjoy it and because it makes me happy when these pages help someone with their own sewing or tinkering. πŸ™‚  Some… Continue reading Buy me a coffee πŸ™‚

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Sewing without fitting – ramblings with pictures

I hardly ever do any fitting, yet my garments fit the first time, whether I sew for myself or for others. This is not because I am so exceptionally talented - I am not. This comes with the pattern drafting method that I practice. I studied bespoke pattern drafting and couture tailoring in the Netherlands,… Continue reading Sewing without fitting – ramblings with pictures