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Hengstenberg/Anker finally working!

It took a long time but my little Hengstenberg/Anker is finally working! The motor This was in February 2018 - over two years ago. I had cleaned her up and got her sewing with the original 12x1 needle, and attempted to fit a motor. The difficulty here was that not only does the Saxonia balance… Continue reading Hengstenberg/Anker finally working!

Questions and thoughts

The Home For Wayward Machines

This is what Tierney called my sewing room. 😁 She's right - I tend to collect a lot of strays. There's a theory that vintage sewing machines broadcast to each other the locations of such safe havens, so that once you get one of them in and fix her up, she sets up a beacon… Continue reading The Home For Wayward Machines