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Jones needles and bobbins for CS and Spool

Jones was one of the oldest British sewing machine manufacturers, established in 1859 in Greater Manchester. Jones produced a number of classes of sewing machines, but I have only worked with cylinder shuttle (CS) and rotary (Spool), so this post focuses on them. Jones CS is a vibrating shuttle machine after a White design, named… Continue reading Jones needles and bobbins for CS and Spool

Vibrating shuttle · Whittler transverse vibrating shuttle

Vibrating shuttle machines

Vibrating shuttle mechanism is the one with the bullet-shaped shuttle moving in an arc. There are three major types: one introduced by Singer, another by New Home and the third one by White. They are all called "VS" which is very confusing. In England, Jones used the White patent and called their White-based machines "CS",… Continue reading Vibrating shuttle machines