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The lowest bobbin tension

Low tension on the bobbin thread is required in many situtations, in particular for zig-zag, buttonholes and embroidery, or also for straight stitch to make a flexible stitch that stretches with fabric (think knits and jersey!). Each machine has its own limit to how low the bobbin thread tension can go before the stitches get… Continue reading The lowest bobbin tension

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Thou shalt polish thy shuttle

And this applies to every type of sewing machine, modern or vintage! After last week's troubles with twisted thread, normality returned for a while when I switched to cotton. However, I soon ran out of that, and was back with this: ​Thread pulls. Ugh! This conundrum kept bothering me because come to think of it,… Continue reading Thou shalt polish thy shuttle

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Skipped stitches and their remedies

It's one of the most common problems in sewing: skipped stitches. But it can have many different causes and so may require different remedies. So let's take a closer look! Needle and thread Special needles Thread tension The right needle plate The right foot The right foot pressure Mechanical issues Needle and thread Of course… Continue reading Skipped stitches and their remedies