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Pfaff 230 Automatic

This is one of the great classics from 1955: Pfaff 230 Automatic, not to be confused with Pfaff 230 that didn't have any fancy stitches. This machine has signature Pfaff forward-facing vertical rotary hook with internal belt transmission. Zig-zag is done with a swing needle mechanism and all the fancy stuff is in the arm.… Continue reading Pfaff 230 Automatic

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The Supernova

Necchi went Supernova in 1955 - there was a big bang but the world survived. 🙂 It says lifetime guarantee on that ad, I wonder if I can pop my Supernova to a local Necchi dealer for a free repair? The balance wheel clutch is still stuck. Hello! ​​ This is my Necchi Supernova Automatica… Continue reading The Supernova