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Overlock for sewing machines

Not a mock-overlock stitch and not a zig-zag, this attachment makes a proper overlock stitch with two additional threads, incorporating a real sewn stitch into it. Rubylock overlock attachment really allows you to sew and overlock in one operation, and it works even on old straight stitch machines. Ruby is trade mark of Toyo Seiki… Continue reading Overlock for sewing machines

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Live long and prosper, Overlocker

"Always buy quality" is an excellent rule, if you have the money for it. But sometimes you just have to make do with what you can afford, and buy a cheap overlocker instead of a durable one. Dan just shared his experience with an inexpensive overlocker Brother 1034D which he bought second hand - in… Continue reading Live long and prosper, Overlocker

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Stitches that stretch with your jersey

Snap... snap-snap-snap! There go your stitches if you've sewn your jersey top with a regular straight stitch on your sewing machine. ­čśŽ Surely, there must be a better way! Yes, there are in fact several. In this post I'm investigating which stitches stretch with the jersey and which don't, using regular sewing thread, not lycra… Continue reading Stitches that stretch with your jersey

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Sewing jersey with chain stitch

Single thread chain stitch is the original knitted stitch, so it's perfect for sewing knitwear and jersey. In the world of knitting machines, chain stitchers are known as linkers. Skip to Essex chain stitchers Skip to Chain stitch on lockstitch machines Skip to Sewing examples Drooling alert Back in the world of sewing machines, there… Continue reading Sewing jersey with chain stitch