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Bobbins for Adler 87 – 3D printed

My main and most used machine is a 1930 Adler 87. It uses proprietary bobbins and old style needles, both impossible to find today, but it sews so well that it's worth while for me to address these issues. I still have a lot of needles for it (70+), so there is no pressing urgency… Continue reading Bobbins for Adler 87 – 3D printed

Adler · Vertical rotary hook · Zig-zag mechanics

I found The One!

This is a strong statement. We all search for The One And Only sewing machine that would replace all other sewing machines for us. It would do everything we care to do, perfectly. Having used so many machines over the years, I have all but given up on finding The One. Not even The One… Continue reading I found The One!