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The Jaguar fancy stitches

The Jaguar sewing machines from 1970s had amazing fancy stitches. The machines were branded in Europe as Frister & Rossmann, and in America as Kenmore 158, see my recent post for more details. ​Having played with these machines for a while, I thought it would be useful to make an overview of all the different… Continue reading The Jaguar fancy stitches

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The Jaguar

In 1970s, Japanese machines by Jaguar (Marutzen) were branded Sears Kenmore series 158 in America and Frister & Rossmann in Europe. They all have the same general architecture but vary in looks and features from model to model.​​​​​ The model and serial number are often hidden from direct view, but there is always a plaque… Continue reading The Jaguar

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Fanciful ways of fancy stitches

How does a sewing machine produce fancy stitches? It's a combination of stitch length, zig-zag, needle position and reverse feed, and every fancy stitch can be reproduced manually, although it can be a very tedious process. Skip to particular sections: Fancy stitches done manually Fancy stitches with modulated zig-zag width Cam-driven zig-zag Combinations of geared… Continue reading Fanciful ways of fancy stitches