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Living memory

During the latest clear-out at my mother's prompted by the imminent downsizing and having to move, she came across a stack of linens that she inherited from the clear-out of her late mother, some 20 years ago now. In that stack there were some old linen towels with faded embroidery, some fine but old lace… Continue reading Living memory

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Hopping with a back-clamping Singer 66K

My Singer 66K has back-clamping foot fitting and I don't want to convert it to low shank. 🧐 Whaaaat? Why? Ah, that is a topic for another post. 🤬 Yeah, I heard you. 🤭 This 1906 Singer 66K was made within the first half a year of production of this model in Scotland, and it… Continue reading Hopping with a back-clamping Singer 66K

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The book that will change you forever

...or at least your sewing. One of my all-time favourite books on sewing technique and embroidery, no sewing machine required: ​ The subtitle reads: "The creative guide for dressmakers and needlecrafters that takes your work to a new level." True! All true. This is a sewing guide where all the sewing is done by hand.… Continue reading The book that will change you forever