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A neat plain opening

In many situations you have to make a plain opening by just making a cut in the fabric. Think for example of openings at the bottom of a sleeve or at the front of a neckline. If you are making a thin blouse, you don’t necessarily want a placket there.

How do you finish an opening like this?

The recommended method is to make a narrow hem with a narrow hem foot. That never worked for me! It makes such a mess and absolutely cannot handle the turning point.

I have come up with a two-step approach that works well both on woven fabrics and jersey.

Step 1: Use the felling foot

Make a singly turned narrow hem with a felling foot.

At the turning point try to make it as narrow as possible. Keep stitching as far as you can, then lift the foot with the needle in the fabric and straighten the work – you’ve turned it.

Step 2: Use a straight stitch foot

The second turn of the hem is done with a straight stitch foot. This makes two lines of stitches on the inside of the garment and one line on the outside.

Again, try to make the hem as narrow as possible around the turning point.

And here is the finished result:

2 thoughts on “A neat plain opening

    1. Yes, it is one of the lesser known feet and it is much more useful than the infamous rolled hem feet – the ones with the swirl!


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